How to contact nid customar care | NID helpline Number

We need NID helpline number for various complications of the National Identity Card and Voter ID Card. We can ask for solutions and discuss any problem related to National Identity Card by contacting the Election Commission Helpline number. I will share the exact phone number and contact details of the Election Commission Bangladesh.

There are several ways to contact nid customer care helpline. The easiest way is to make a phone call and send an email to a customer care representative. You can call from any Bangladeshi sim operator to nid helpline number without any cost.

NID helpline number

The nid customer care helpline number is 105. You can call from 9:00 am to 7:30 pm from your phone totally free of cost. Only NID card owners can get customer support from this helpline representative. They do not share any information with another person.

If you are facing any problems with your National Identity card, You have to contact to 105 call center to solve and discuss your problem. They try to solve your problem or give you the necessary advice to solve it on your side.

How to contact nid customar care
NID helpline

There is a Fax number to contact with nid customer care. NID helpline Fax No is 880-2-55007515. The schedule of contacting through Fax number as same as helpline number.

Election Commission helpline number

Election commission Bangladesh helpline number is 105. It remain open morning to evening according to govt office time. 880-2-55007515 is the official Fax number.

NID contact E-mail Address

NID contact email address is Bangladesh Election Commission also provide support and advice through email. If you face any problem and can't reach them on phone call then you can contact with email. 

NID helpline and email address are given below
NID helpline number
Helpline Number 105
Fax No. 880-2-55007515
Email Address

How to contact nid helpline for free

To contact nidbd helpline for free open your phone and dial 105 and make a call without any cost. This is totally toll free contact number. But there is a problem that you have to wait for long time to get your help. Because there are many people as like you who call them to solve their problem.

Election Commission Address

Sometimes we need to contact Election Commission office directly. Most of us don't know the location of election commission head office. Agargaon election commission office is the head office of Bangladesh Election Comission.

Agargaon nid office address is Plot No. E-14/Z, Dhaka 1207

Every citizen of Bangladesh needs assistance with your National ID (NID) card, the NID helpline can be a valuable resource. The NID helpline provides assistance with a range of issues related to NID cards, including application procedures, card renewal, and card replacement. In this blog post, we will explain how to contact the NID helpline and provide you with their email and phone number.

We have tried to give you some detailed information about the helpline of the Election Commission. I hope that if you follow the steps given by us, you will get the solution of all the problems related to the Election Commission.


What is nid helpline phone number?
Election commission and NID customer care helpline number is 105. Any bangladeshi phone operator user can call this number.

What is the NID BD Fax Number?
Nid Fax number is 880-2-55007515 it remains active from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

NID Support email address?
Bangladesh Election commission and NID services email address is

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