Easy way to Find Voter No, Voting Serial and Center Details

Every Citizen of Bangladesh have an NID Card and unique voter number. All of us need our voter number and serial no in the vote center. By using our voter information Officer in charge can check and verify our voting eligibility.

If you know your voter number and voter serial number, you don’t need to stand in line to collect a token. You can go to the voting center according to your serial and cast your vote. Those who do not know their Voter Number and Serial Number will have to stand in the long line to collect a token and vote.

Bangladesh Election Commission has published an application called Smart Election. Through the Smart Election app, all voters in Bangladesh will be able to know their voter number, polling station, address of the center, and voter serial.

How to check voter number and serial

To find your voter number and serial number, install the Smart Election app from the Play Store. Register in the app using your NID card number and date of birth. On the home page of the app, you’ll be able to see your voter number, serial number, voting area, and the address of your polling station. This makes the voting process more convenient and efficient.

First of all, open the Play Store on your phone. Then, install the Smart Election app. Open the app and verify using your ID number and date of birth. Now, you’ll be able to see your voter number, serial number, and voting center address. This makes it easy for you to access all the necessary voting information.

On the other hand You can check other’s voter information using nid no. and their DOB. For this click on “search” icon and than you can see an input field. Fill up with correct NID and DOB and tap on “verify” button. In this same way you can save other’s time to find their voter number and voting serial No.

voter information checker

However, those who have recently apply and get their National ID cards, that mean those born after January 1, 2005, will not be eligible to vote in this election. Some citizens of New Card holder, despite of having an NID, will not be able to vote. The Smart Election app will not display any information for these individuals. This is because only those who were born before 2005 and are included in the voter list for the twelfth parliamentary election will have their information displayed in the app.

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